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We are Casket City LLC.
We are considered the largest casket company on the internet and growing virtually each and every day!
We offer many different funeral products including but not limited to;
Caskets - Caskets For People - Caskets For Pets - Urns For People - Pet Urns - Memorials - Gravestone Markers - Custom Made Headstones - Custom Made Caskets - Simple Pine Box caskets - Holy Water!
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About Us



We have been in the Internet retail business since 1997.
We began selling hard to find niche products that people could not find at a local retail outlet.
Therefore we do own some other multimillion dollar companies as well as CASKET CITY LLC.™.
However after experiencing a few unexpected deaths in the family CEO James Matthew could not believe the high cost of a funeral burial.
This was back in 2010. The cost was easily $8,000+! Almost 80% of the cost was what the funeral home charges huts for the casket alone!
Keep in mind that when you enter a funeral home you as a family member are already emotional and have depressing feelings.
Just think about it. You have already been faced with one of life's most devastation tragedies such as a sudden death of a loved one weather I be a mother, a father, grand parents, close friends and even our faithful and beloved pets such as a dog, a cat, a bird, and yes even our lovable small animals such as a gini pig or a hamster.
As of 2014 the current average cost of a complete funeral including a casket of course is at least $10,000+!
Once again about 80% of it can be the cost of a casket when purchasing it from the funeral home!
Lets face it. When a family enters a funeral home to make funeral arrangements the stage is already set.
The undertakers are dressed in dark suites, the buildings are usually old with old furniture and furnishings.
When you are shown the selection of caskets in which they offer it is a dark unpleasant experience.
When you are given the costs and the fee's it simply ads more to the mood.
This is why we started CASKET CITY LLC.™
We wanted to take away a big chunk of this buried by offering caskets and urns at wholesale pricing to the public.
The prices we offer is basically what a funeral home would pay.
Do not worry about the funeral home claiming that you have to buy the caskets or urns from them. This is 100% untrue and against the law to do so.
Therefore we are now considered the largest casket company on the Internet.
By providing years of quality products to the general public at extremely low prices this has helped us grow bath in the number of products, the quality of products and fast, efficient customer service.
Thomas Winsor
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This page only shows a few great funeral product that we sell.
For all of our caskets, urns, memorials, holy water and other funeral and spiritual product visit us at Casket City LLC.